Oct 6, 2014
Magic Tom Road Show
The time has finally come for a brand new update. In the last months, we received many request to incorporate some new videos about Tom. I’m really excited to present 3 new clips from The Magic Tom Road Show broadcasted in the early 1970’s on CFCF 12 in Montreal.

It took me a long time to get those excerpts because the CTV Network (who CFCF belongs to) doesn’t want to share any of their archives. It’s sad! Why bother keeping visual archives if no one can see them?

2015 will be magic in a sense that we’re working right now on a video project that will show some of Magic Tom professional and personnal objects. This upcoming video will be narrated by Tom’s own son Byron.

Again, let me wish you a great magical ride on the Magic Tom Official Website.

Réjean Pagé
Dec 5, 2012
Magic Tom
For almost 2 years now I’ve enjoyed personifying Indiana Jones in search of all treasures regarding Magic Tom. Without Spielberg, Lucas or THE Fedora hat, I continued my quest. I searched and I dug and I almost quit but I finally found what I was looking for.

The Holy Grail takes form in several new videos, both French and English. For the francophone viewers, I have the pleasure of offering a small extract from the "Bonjour Patof" DVD, thanks to the appreciated collaboration from Francis Gélinas and Jacques Desrosiers’ succession. You will also find an extract from "De Bonne Humeur", a televised show taped in December of 1989 at the TVA studios. This taping also happens to be the last television appearance of Magic Tom before his passing.

For the Anglophone viewers, it brings me great pleasure to present you with segments from the "Magic Tom Roadshow" due to the fact that the original tapes are being held under lock and key in the CTV studio archives and are unaccesable to the general public. An unfortunate circumstance to say the least.

Should you or anyone you know happen to have pictures/photos, videos or any other Magic Tom collectables and would like to contribute to this site, please contact me so that we may continue to offer a greater source of written, audio or visual documentation following the career of an exceptional artist that has influenced the lives of so many.

Réjean Pagé
May 31, 2010
A Great Year So Far
You’re right, there's too much time between each update but when the name that appears on the Website's banner belong to someone who's deceased, it may be a problem to obtain fresh news on a regular basis! For those of you who are members of Tom Auburn's Exclusif Report, you had probably received the first issue at your email address. For those who would like to receive this free news bulletin, you have to register by entering your email address in the appropriate space in the home page section of the website.

I have written an article for the magic magazine M.U.M. that will be published in a few weeks. What’s fantastic about this is that The Society of American Magicians offers their beautiful magazine across the world. This will be a once in a lifetime occasion to reach magicians from all continents and to let them know about Tom Auburn. Also, the magazine will have a text, written by Tom himself in February 1962 and reproduced with class by my friend Michael Close. I would like to say how greatful I am for his wonderful collaboration to this unique project.

In the upcoming months, we will add new photos and newspaper clips that I found in Magic Tom's personnal archives.

We also work very hard to add new videos on the website, but sometimes the legal authorisation to do so is difficult to obtain

I’m counting on you to let us know if you have, or if you know someone who has, any photo, video, film or text about Magic Tom. It would be great to share your treasure with everybody else.

Till our next update, spread the magic!

Réjean Pagé
Oct 31, 2009
It’s about time for an update, most of you might say! The first one since the beginning of this website on April 22nd. After a few months of research, I’m proud to offer you four new videos of Magic Tom. Two in English and two in French. They’re waiting for you in the Archives section. I’m always on the lookout for newspaper articles, exclusives pictures and filmed sequences about Magic Tom. Join for free our Exclusive Report mailing list and be the first to receive news about anything new on the website. Talk to you soon!

Réjean Pagé
Apr 22, 2009
The Launch
Alain Choquette and myself wish you welcome to the official Tom Auburn website. This site is dedicated to one of our best and beloved magician in Canada. I encourage you to join the Exclusive Report mailing list (it's free) to receive the latest updates posted on the website. Also, if you want to write a testimonial for Tom and join other people around the world who gave their thoughts about the man and/or the performer, go to the Testimonials section and click on the special button at the top. Your tribute to Magic Tom will be added to the others within a week.

Enjoy the site and may your visit be magical.

Réjean Pagé

Exclusive Report mailing list

All throughout our lives, there are people that affect us and most of the time, it is only later that we realize the impact that they had on us.

Way before Doug Henning and David Copperfield, there was Magic Tom who mystified us with his magic but also with his enormous charisma. I still remember the apparitions he made on channel 10, here in Montreal, with Gilles Latulippe, Fernand Gignac and Michel Noel aka Le Capitaine Bonhomme. Those were my first crossings with magic.

He marked my childhood and it’s because of him that I got interested in the works of great magicians such as Dai Vernon, Harry Lorayne, Frank Garcia, Slydini and many more.

Magic Tom was for me the sparkle which made magic my passion, my career, my work. He loved people and cared for his fans so much that, as a child, I wrote to him and he took the time to answer back. That card is part of my most precious souvenir.

I met Magic Tom only once but I will never forget his big blue eyes and his silver hair accompanied by a great big smile which revealed our great big kids heart. It is when I shook his hand that day that I decided I was going to become a magician.

Thank you Magic Tom!

Alain Choquette
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